Are you curious about what the residents’ surveys bring to the municipality? On this page you will find summaries of a number of studies.

What do young non-Dutch-speaking residents prefer?

A total of 37 young, non-Dutch-speaking residents up to 40 years old completed the questionnaire. The majority became members because they think it is important for […]

Towards a representative Maastricht Forum!

They are busy with school, university, work and children, but we at the Research and Statistics team also like to hear the opinions of our young […]

Churches and places of worship

Maastricht is a city full of churches and places of worship. Mainly Roman Catholic churches, but not exclusively. Nowadays, many of these churches and places of […]

Some results from 2021

Thank you to all the panelists who made the 2021 surveys possible! Here is a small summary of the results.