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Residents more often use regional and local news sites

The City of Maastricht is currently working on the Transition Vision on Heat, in which possible sustainable alternatives to natural gas are explored. To get an idea of the level of public support for a natural gas-free Maastricht, an online survey was conducted among the panel of residents.

2 out of 3 inhabitants find it logical that Maastricht follows the national targets (64%). One part of them even finds the goal of being gas-free by 2050 insufficiently ambitious (37%). For a quarter of Maastricht inhabitants, gas-free living is not an important issue (24%).

The majority of the inhabitants think that the municipality is responsible for offering an alternative to natural gas (72%) and expects that it also supports them financially in the form of subsidies, loans or schemes (76%).

94% of residents are interested in information about a gas-free Maastricht, and especially in the costs. There is also a great need for information about the time schedule (when will something happen?), freedom of choice (do I have a say?) and solutions (what are the options for my home?).

The municipality uses this information to gauge support for the transition, but also to investigate how residents would like to be supported by the municipality.