Towards a representative Maastricht Forum!

They are busy with school, university, work and children, but we at the Research and Statistics team also like to hear the opinions of our young residents under 40. Unlike residents over 40, those under 40 make up only a small proportion of Maastricht Forum’s 4,600 panel members. To make Maastricht Forum more attractive to young Maastricht residents, we asked current members under 40 for their opinions and interests. 209 young panellists responded. In the top three interesting topics to answer questionnaires about, housing ranked 1 (78% interested), waste 2 (72% interested) and sustainability and neighbourhood facilities shared 3rd place (both 60% interested). Although 67% say they would like to win a gift voucher for completing our questionnaires, 58% say they also complete the questionnaires without a reward. The convenience of a gift voucher for online shops is very tempting for 75%, but 63% would also like to use a gift voucher for local shops. The answers to the open-ended questions on this clearly reveal that our local entrepreneurs enjoy the favour factor strongly. What could be better is the feedback of results from our surveys. We need not fear that we are asking too much, as many young residents have indicated that we are welcome to send more questionnaires.